100 Word Story

My Eyes Are Microscopic – 100 Word Microfiction Short Story

I entered a short story competition that required me to write a 100 word short story in 24 hours. The story needed to meet three things, a theme (Comedy), a situation (Climbing a Mountain) and a word that needed to be used (Radar). It took me a while to find the right idea, and get it to work in a way I was happy with, but that’s not saying I didn’t enjoy the process,  and the stories that didn’t make the cut. So, for the sake of creativity, here is the rejected 100 word stories I wrote..


My Eyes Are Microscopic

“Basic science ensures that the next move we make is the only move that is worth making.” Dale says as he wipes the sweat away from his brow with his forearm.
“Don’t be so closed Dale, why can’t you allow yourself to see the world for what it is, instead of examining it like a scientist.”
“Because science is the only truth worth seeing.”
“But look around you, look at the mountain we now climb, not with else like a radar, but use the eyes of a man, and see the beauty that surrounds us in every movement and moment.”

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