Wickedness In The Sickness – Unhinged Poem

I was lost in the end times,

while the whole world rebutted the truth,

we suggested the cure,

we refused to endure,

we flourished,

and then we expunged ourselves from the lands,

green pastures returned,

while we hid indoors,

while we hid from ourselves and the world we had built,

a plague of our own hand,

a bubble of sickness,

wickedness preserved,

we created our end,

we suffered to maintain distance,

we die by our own hand,

breath in,

breath out,

spread the ending about..

One thought on “Wickedness In The Sickness – Unhinged Poem

  1. Sometimes, we are forced, to do what is, absolutely, necessary, despite how it goes, against, everything we were, socialized to, like keeping our social distances, during the times of, dn outbreak, an+ we must, force ourselves, to abide by these new rules for interaction, if we’re to, keep ourselves, safe, and, sound….


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