A Web Of Suffocation – Unhinged Poem

Paint the skies she said,

bring the colours out from inside your head,

give life to the emptiness before you,

share your soul,

show this bitter world what you made of,

she said,

she promised a world of gold,

she said she could give me so many things,

but I realised in the end,

 when all the song had been sung,

when all the pictures had been sold,

that all I wanted was that girl,

but she only saw the brilliance beneath my skin,

and it wasn’t then man within…

One thought on “A Web Of Suffocation – Unhinged Poem

  1. Because, we all, put that, best foot forward in interacting with our, external, environments, we end up, giving off, that, false sense of, who we really are to the outside world, that, people are, mistaking us for, something were, not…


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