A Choice Unlike Any Other – Microfiction Short Story

A Choice Unlike Any Other 

“I said there was more to this story, but you instead decided to ignore the infidelities of those who came before you and toss me to the side with the everyday garbage. Now you stand her begging me in my new kingdom for assistance. Now you come to the place my feeble frame ended up, seeking my wisdom.” he snarls, baring his rotten teeth proudly. “I ask you to pay penance. I ask you to give the gatekeeper his payment. I ask for blood.”

“I-I-I, I can’t g-give you what I no longer have,” Rheat stammers.

“I’m not asking for your blood fool, I can see your veins are tainted with the seed of technology and long past flowers.” he spits with a wicked grin. “I want you to go out into the world you’ve claimed as you own and bring me back gallons of the finest red velvet you have ever drained from those you love, and then I will tell you how my story ends, and in that you will then know how to win.”

“B-B-But those you ask me to sacrifice, a-are the ones I WANT to save.” he scores with trembling lips.

Rheat smiles broadly once more. “Then you must decide, will it be them, or you?”

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