My Meal Plan – Microfiction Short Story

My Meal Plan

The crucifix drops to the floor seconds before Maurice’s lifeless body does. Sheena bares her teeth while laying a slathering of aggressive growls and hisses, as Constantine proudly dances around the ballroom, dragging Selena’s decaying corpse with him.

“Don’t be so selfish pelican, what we do here today will not only make a tomorrow worthy of yesterday’s sacrifice, but it will also get us far more than we deserve today.”

“Speak for yourself,” she hisses through clenched teeth.

“WHAT!” he bellows, spinning skilfully towards a unflattering crescendo, as he tosses Selena’s body to the floor without care and rushes at Sheena, stopping mere centimetres from her. “Do you think you are better than me? Do you think you are worthy of more than I am?”

“Of course I do!” she scoffs with thrusting ignorance. “Why do you think we’re both here, in such a uninhabited area? Or did you think it was you that brought me here?” she says with a wry smile growing across her crimson lips.


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