To Dissect Their Narrative – Microfiction Short Story

To Dissect Their Narrative 

“Do not confuse my sarcasm, for ignorance,” Riley sneers with obvious malice littered throughout his words. “When you came to me with your desperate plan, I allowed the narrative to be yours, and yours alone, for anything else would’ve been less than what was required. But now the war that you so desperately needed to win has come to an end, and with its end, so must you face yours.”

William lets out a inhuman growl as he throws several wayward punches into the air, followed by a twisting kick, that brings him within an inch of Riley. He thrusts kicks to Riley’s left, then to his right, neither hit, but nor does Riley react. They stare silently at each other as William takes several steps back then strengthens his stance, tightens his muscles and focuses all that he has left inside his fading shell towards Riley. “Then, let us end this,” he snarls.

Riley raises an eyebrow and smiles as he twists and turns in the air like a acrobatic gymnast following an overly choreographed routine, landing expertly some feet away from where he stood moments ago.

“Do not confuse yourself, with me.” Riley hisses proudly.

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DANCE WITH ME!” William cries as the two charge at each other.

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