My Growth – Microfiction Short Story

 My Growth 

Duncan lets out a sigh, then looks back down towards Sarah’s bloody corpse as it stares emptily toward him. “BECAUSE YOU MADE ME!” he bellows furiously as he rolls his lips over his teeth and sneers, before casting an unhinged gaze towards Tyrone.

“You can’t blame me for all your mistakes,” he says with a wicked smile across his bloody lips.

“THE TRUTH SHALL SET ME FREE!” he roars in defiance as he leaps to his feet, puffing out his chest proudly.

“You wouldn’t know the truth if it was presented to you in step by step narration whilst watching a documented video footage of the before mentioned truth.”

Duncan stares at him for some time before letting out another fierce breath of frustration. “You wouldn’t understand the pressures I’m under! You wouldn’t understand the deeds I’ve been asked to perform! You wouldn’t understand, and that is where the all and the and behind and end.”

Tyrone smiles anew with a hint of sarcasm etched within the wrinkles of his face. “The and infuses the end, and in that instant, where the coals are hot, that is where I not only begin, but also grow expediently!”

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