My Catchphrase Reworn – Microfiction Short Story

My Catchphrase Reworn

The lights slithers it’s way through the shards of vacant areas that litter themselves across the walls and windows as Harry tears with torn bloody nails at the grotesquely thick slime like weed that has grown out of control and covers almost every square inch of the room. Linda lets out a petrified scream from behind him, and he spins in dramatic fashion to witness her hanging from the air, held there by an invisible quarry. His lips cascade across each other as if they were multiple waves hitting the shore from different angles at the one moment, and he lets out a low-level growl.

“LET HER GO!” he bellows as he thrusts his feet down into the swamp like floor beneath him, tightening his bloody hands into fists and snarling rabidly. “IT’S ME YOU CAME FOR, NONE OF THESE MORSELS WILL SEDATE THE HUNGER CRAVE!” he screams thumping his chest aggressively.

Linda’s motionless form drops to the ground, and a gigantic figure steps out of the nothingness, and into the room before Harry.

“You do not know what sedates my hunger child, for if you did, you would realise that every step you take, every fear you feel, every time without fail, makes me closer to becoming you, and you to become me,” it snarls as Harry stares at his twisted smile in the mirror.

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