To Die Forever But Once – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Santiago, nineteen-fifty-four!” Levi says with a wicked smile across his dry, cracked lips. “You looked pretty much the same today as you looked back then. Of course your hair is different, it has grown some, and back then you didn’t have that horrible Errol Lynn buffet on your chin, but regardless of all that you still smell the same, the way you move is the same, you are still the same!”

“I think, you have me confused with someone else, I’ve nev…”

“Please, I may be old, and my mind may be leaving me behind from time to time, but I know you Erik, I know everything about you, for I, I could never forget YOU! So please, do not treat me like I am a simpleton.” he spits.

For seconds they sit there in silence, while a smile grows across Erik’s lips. “Okay, you have uncovered the truth, and you have found me out. Now, what do you and your people intend to do with me?” he says as he casts his eyes quickly around the room, staring down the handful of eyes that dare stare back at him, before they fall once again upon Levi’s.

“I want to live eternal, like you live, and in payment I will make your end quick and as painless as possible.”….

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