A Day To Say Goodbye – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…He allows a smile to gently drift across his lips before he casts his gaze over to Sarah and Eve, for what he intends to be his final moments

“You are stronger than you make yourself believe you are, you hide behind the lies as if they were true, but we both know they’re not. Open yourself up, and show the world who you truly are, for it will be glad you did,” he says as the smile quivers as his eyes drop down to meet Eve’s. “You look after her, and she’ll look after you,” he says as he turns back towards the pulsating void that slowly tears its way through space and time, towards him.

“That’s it! Look after her, and she’ll look after me!” Eve spits. “No, I love you three thousand! No, you’re the best thing to have happened to us! No, you had me at hello!” She roars.

He turns back to her with a furrowed brow, while a sea of sweat pours gently from his forehead. “W-What the hell are you talking about?”….

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