Toes In A Row – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

sliding in low,

watching the water flow,

as the sun goes down,

the devils on your door step,

knocking on your door,

asking for you to open up,

but ain’t no way he’s getting in,

your gonna keep that door shut,

otherwise its gonna be the end,

sliding in low,

soaking in the glow,

devil ain’t gonna give it up,

but neither are we,

fruitless timetables,

highlighting the ebbs and flows,

a woven sidekick without out the egg rolls,

you saw the funny side,

I saw the end,

sliding in low,

heading in backwards,

we see the beat as it thumps,

we feel the music rock,

slap the wicked sideways,

and we’ll bump,

we’ll rock,

we’ll see the end!

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