Twisted Roads Of Madness – How To Be Creeped Out By Your Daughter

Okay, I had to post this, because it creeped me the fuck out earlier and I’ve been on edge since. I was drawing with my daughter this afternoon, while my wife went to the supermarket to get ready for an epic afternoon, and I looked up from my scribbles to see what she was drawing and, well, it’s easier to show you instead of explaining what she had drawn.

I asked her what is was, and she said ‘silly daddy it’s the man who’s standing behind you!’ I must’ve went white as a ghost because she started looking at me strangely, Of course I turned around like a wild man, thankfully to find nothing there, she started laughing called me silly daddy again and went back to scrubbiling away. The worst thing is, if things could be classed as worse, I’ve had a sore shoulders for the last few days, like something’s been pushing down on me.

Needless to say, since then, every time I pass in front of a mirror, my eyes are drawn behind me, so far I haven’t seen anything, yet that is.

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