Do Not Punish Me For My Good Deeds

My petulant child,

my bringer of doom,


soul destroyer,

I’d give my all,

to own you complete,

instead of the fragmented beast,

that resides inside your eyes,

give in,

let go,

make me your king,

and I’ll shower you with blood,

I’ll bathe you in gold,

I’ll sacrifice the masses,

I’ll sacrifice my soul,

for your touch,

your kiss,

your divine hand of rathe,

reward my sins,

and forgive my good deeds,

for this is my final peace,

this is what I make to you,

as my body grows cold.

In an attempt to encourage reviews for the first book, we’re having some fun, twisted fun in fact. The advertising campaign we’re currently running is one of bad reviews, and we want as many of them as possible, which really shouldn’t be that hard, right?

The below example should give you an idea of what we’re after.

Do you think you can do better?

How can you participate?

Press on this link HERE buy a copy, leave a review with a few snappy one liners, and you could find your review plastered across the net like the one above.

Or you could just sign up to the mailing list, by pressing the link below, and get the book for FREE!!


Come on, I dare you to take the challenge!


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