I Am Why You Must Die

My name burns your lips,

my image fragments your thoughts,

I am all you thought I was and more,

the beast underneath your bed,

the creature sitting on your chest stealing your soul,

look upon me, draw me in,

the depths of my depravity will be your end,

take that breathe,

let it be your last,

from this moment on,

you are now in my grasp,

forever is a loose word,

it has no finality,

but for this journey you’re about to take forever,

will seem like nothing,

compared to eternity

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2 thoughts on “I Am Why You Must Die

    1. Thank you so much, I know, the word makes you think, what is it? What does it really mean? And what, if anything is waiting for us after all this, or is this just a dream, we ourselves are having inside the womb…

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