Removing My Intestines With A Blunt Knife – Wrapped In Words

Keep the curve well oiled as the wall falls before us, decide how it ends and let the darkness swallow those unwilling to meet their own suffering, then dwell in the suffocating of those who truly ingest inside themselves with a glee trodden ignorance of the inner brilliance of insignificance, decoration to those who see only the face value of their charms and lies, disguised by the regret of medication taken to push down what is, not what could be, the value not whole, the sale not complete, oil the curve, avoid the downfall, suffocate the innocent so the guilt can survive, turn the blunt knife into the cowards who try to live by a lie of ignorance who they pathetically are…

3 thoughts on “Removing My Intestines With A Blunt Knife – Wrapped In Words

    1. A subdued version of what it could’ve been had reality even but for a moment allowed my disenchanted vision that dance freely in my head like super plums and fairies do so often for others, free upon the world. A moment of lost words trying to find place in a bright and bubbly words seems more of an answer that mirrors reality more so.. I think that is….

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