We Never Spoke Of This – Microfiction Short Story

We Never Spoke Of This

The light breaks in several agonising seconds after the pain that tore through every fibre of his being did. He lets out a stuttered cry of fear as he finds himself hanging from a device attached to the dirt ridden roof above him. Running on pure instinct he struggles wildly against the bindings that are wrapped tightly around his arms and legs, only to find the pain that is already washing over him in waves of chaotic agony, intensify ten fold. As he twists and turns the plethora of hooks that are dug beneath his flesh dig deeper, and with a focus well beyond what they should have.

“I wouldn’t struggle if I was you, for you’ll only end your life prematurely, and in doing so, will take this fine contraption with you into the afterlife.” a voice says from somewhere outside his view of sight.

“W-W-WHO ARE YOU!” he screams as he continues to fight against his bindings, which in turn intensified the pain once again.

“Tut-tut-tut,” the voice replies in a belittling tone. “You will NOT get the answers you seek from me if you cannot abide by my rules, and if you cannot abide by my rules I will no longer be responsible for what befalls you.”

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