Fear What Holds Me – Microfiction Short Story

Fear What Holds Me

“The blade shouldn’t be the only thing that worries you, for without the human holding it, it is just a thing.” Theodore scoffs with sarcastic pleasure, as a smile winds it’s way across his lips before twisting into a ferocious snarl. “I AM WHAT YOU SHOULD FEAR! I AM THAT WHICH WILL BE YOUR UNDOING! FEAR THE REALITY OF ALL THAT IS BEFOFE YOU! FACE YOUR DEATH, AS YOU FACE YOUR DESTROYER!” he bellows wildly as he drives the knife into Santiago’s stomach and drags it across then up, all the while staring menacingly into his eyes with an over intoxicating pride.

“I-I-I-I, I c-could n-never f-f-fear y-you,” Santiago stammers softly as his trembling hand lifts and gently caresses Theodore’s cheek while tears spill from his eyes.

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