The Elusive Painting Of Job – Microfiction Short Story

The Elusive Painting Of Job

He rushes forward with vindictive thoughts running wildly around in his head, giving Mack just enough room for a surprise attack as he jumps from the shadows and tackles Phil to the ground. For several long lost seconds they stare at each other, their desperate exhausted breaths languishing in unison. Mack’s lips turn upwards, forming a twisted smiles as he coyly tosses a sarcastic wink down towards Phil.

“Told you there wasn’t anywhere you could run to that would be far enough from my grasp. For the reaper has already painted your death in a glorious mural for all to see, perhaps he’ll show you it as he drags you downwards into the pits of hell itself,” he sneers with avid delight, but the smile quickly disappears as he stares down at Phil who looks up at him with a broad grin upon his own lips.

“W-W-What are y-you smiling a-about?” he asks nervously.

“You’ll know soon enough,” Phil boasts proudly, as Mack noticed the pool of blood that has quickly formed beneath them.

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