The Excellence Of Sound – Microfiction Short Story

The Excellence Of Sound

Devon walks purposefully towards the others as locked in a major actioned overloaded scene from one of the many action films he has spent most of his life enthralled in. With a gently bob of his head, he winks at Cathy and screws his lips up like many of the anarchist punks from the seventies and early eighties once loved doing. Cathy rolls her eyes and lets out a bemused crackle, covering her mouth quickly in embarrassment. Chavo casts a wayward glance her way then turns his attention back to the heroic like Devon.

“You my brother are the mother-fucking MAN!” Chavo roars as he raises his hand high into the air, preparing it for a well timed high-five as he now mimics Devon’s head bobbing.

Devon throws out a fist and splays out his pinky finger and index, making the sign of the horns, then pokes out his tongue with a overzealous bravado rarely shown of late. , stopping for several seconds so he can head-bang to whatever unheard piece of music he has dancing around in his head.

The horn blasts through the silently still night without warning, not even allowing Devon a moment of awareness before the car plows into him.

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