I Added One – Unhinged Poem 2020TOO

Spoken to rhyme,

a lie told in vain,

carried in ignorance,

the sea that parted to be free,

I opened the cover and saw the eyes of nothingness,

denied by the apostles when the world began,

I swaayed the heart beats to flow the other way,

stars flooded the sky for all to see,

I witnessed the birth of the supernova called randomness,

felt the tears cascade down my cheeks,

while I carried your guilt into a new world,

so close your eyes and let it fall,

swing the backwards steps open like a new born baby,

long to share the tales told to me,

while I wish to close my eyes,

tomorrow broken by today,

we carry forward,

we see the way,

flood the fields,

and watch me swim away!

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