A Thousand Smiles – 50 Word Story

He thrusts the knife into the table and looks at her with sorrow filled eyes. “Sorry, I think I’ve somehow misunderstood the question. Do you think you’d be able to ask it again? Maybe this time though, can you possibly make it make sense.” he says with a broad grin.

A Fake Smile – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

I don’t care about you. So, life without you will not change for me.” “Y-Y-Your words cu-ut me deeper than any knife ever c-cou-could. I-I-I, I thought w-we had something s-special. I-I-I, I thought I was y-y-your other side. I-I-I, I thought w-we we-were the yang to the oth-others y-y-ying.” “But we’re not, we’re not …

Flesh Facade – 50 Word Story

He stands there, staring into the darkness, as the flesh that covers his face ebbs with an energy, then explodes open to reveal his mouth hiding beneath. He opens his mouth wide, twists it left, then twists it right, and then he smiles. “What if I could offer you something?”

My Jar Of Teeth – 50 Word Story

She picks up a dirty pair of pliers from the table, and takes several deep breaths. “Blood and bone, tooth and nail, give me what I ask!” she says, before grabbing one of her back molars with the pliers and yanking it out, followed closely by a sea of red.

Forty-Five Motorcycles – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“I give to you your leader, The President!” a voice announces over the speakers that are littered around the sports stadium, followed diligently by The Star Spangled Banner as he expertly dismounts the harness and struts up to the podium with pomp and presence. “IT’S ME! I’M ALIVE!” he screams into the microphone as the …

A Glorified Version – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“How can you be the same man that stood up to the nightmares that hid underneath humanities bed? How can you be the hero worshipped by every single human being on this planet?” “Time changes everyone, and stories are told far grander than they ever were.” “B-B-But, but I saw you lead the legion of …