The Rod Of God – Castration Within The Rabbit Hole

Pretty petty situation,

Soak the soldiers blood,

Suffer the separation of serpents fire,

As the harrowing haggard hovels wither away like a dark grimace on the face of forever,

Be the moment given and strike the blow of jubilant cries,

Focus the mighty arm of Zeus as you stroke the hardening tool between the unkempt locks that flow from your gut,

Live and liberate,

Succulent vibrations given life as we forget to remember while remembering to forget,

Don’t sing,

Don’t dance,

Don’t regurgitate,

Flesh dies,

Life ends,

Repetitive signals absolve the insanity,

Forever the migrant,

Lost in the endless minutes passed from mother to child as they are bore from the womb that the father worshipped with his rod of god….

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