Cruel Tactics Warm Cold Hearts – Castration Within The Rabbit Hole

Septic washes ravaged through the door of sincerity,

Bashful smiles flung around so casually,

A whimper not a scream,

Delicious dreams bathed in strawberries and cream,

We are the lost night that burns while the world around us churns ever forward until it’s end,

I saw with the eyes planted in my head,

The breathless warnings of the dead,

Sorrow brought through funeral pyre,

Blessings given,



Wash the slate clean,

Dirt thrown over long dead eyes sewn shut with polyester thread,

We of today,

Those of yesterday,

Bow down to the tomorrows we have shaped,

For we are the last and they are the least,

We are the watches of our own failed hand,

We are deaths witness…

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